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Fiesta de Solano 2014



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fiesta de Solano?
An annual 3-day fun-filled carnival with rides, games, a grand prize drawing, live entertainment and great food.

When is Fiesta de Solano?
This year the fiesta will be held the weekend of June 27-29, 2014.

What does the Fiesta need?
YOU! The success of the Fiesta is solely dependent on volunteers and donations.

Why should you get involved?
Donating your time, talents, and treasures to the success of the Fiesta is an easy and fun way to get to know people in the parish community and directly contribute to the success of our parish's largest fundraiser and community event!

How can you get involved? Volunteer! Putting on an event of this size is a big job! And many hands make light work! There are ways you can help whether you are a people person or a computer person, whether you have hours of fime or minutes, whether you want to help in the planning process or the weekend of the event. No matter what your talent--or how much time you have available--we can find a way for you to help. All you need is the desire to help, have fun, and get to know people. If you would like to get involved on any level, please email Denise Fredenberg at fiesta.de.solano@gmail.com. Here are some of the areas we need help with, a description of each, and the approximate number of hours needed. Positions can also be divided among several people if only a portion interests you.

First Aid Chairperson--Work on creating and filling schedule of volunteers for First Aid booth at fiesta and review and re-stock First Aid kits for fiesta.This position would be great for an active or retired nurse or medical professional! Estimated time needed is 2 hours before the fiesta. Estimated time during fiesta will vary based on scheduling.

Games Chairperson--Work with game company to select games for booths, work with fiesta chairs to determine layout of game booths, arrange and supervise drop off, pick up and reconciliation of games and prizes, supervise signage for game booths, supervise game booth captains to ensure proper training of volunteers and following of game rules and prize distribution. Estimated time is 5 hours prior to fiesta, availability throughout the weekend of the fiesta, and 2 hours Sunday night after the fiesta.

Grand Prize Raffle Chairperson--Work on donations for prizes, contact printer to procure raffle tickets, design/order tickets, assist in collecting tickets during weeks leading up to the fiesta, track/prepare deposits for money collected, announce/contact winners. Estimated time needed is 10 hours and attendance at Fiesta Sunday night at 8 pm.

Publicity/Public Relations--Work on getting the word out to local business and the local communities to try to increase attendance through advertising. Work with City of RSM to try to get banners put up throughout community, or postings on City website, bulletin boards, etc. Post advertisements in local parish bulletins and in Orange County Catholic publication. Work with local newspapers to help advertise and promote event. Estimated time needed is 10 hours prior to Fiesta.

Ride Chairperson--Work with the ride company to select rides/ride locations, order pre-sale posters/ride tickets, assist with pre-sales of ride tickets, oversee the set-up/tear-down of the rides the week before/after the fiesta. Also responsible for overseeing ride ticket booths, relieving ticket booth employees during breaks, and reconciling ticket sales during the fiesta. Estimated time needed before/after fiesta is 5 hours. Estimated time during fiesta will vary based on availability and scheduling.

Security Chairperson--Responsible for arranging volunteer and paid security for the weekend of the fiesta. This position would be great for an active or retired police officer! Estimated time needed before fiesta is about 2 hours. Estimated time during fiesta will vary based on availability and scheduling.

Signage Chairperson--Work with other chair people to determine need for signage,contact various printers to place and pick up orders, assist in creating signs done in-house and oversee placement of signs for the fiesta. Estimated time commitment is 10 hours the 2-4 weeks before fiesta and 1 hour the day before the fiesta.

Sponsorship Chairperson--Work with parish community and local businesses to procure fiesta sponsorship in forms of monetary and product donations, send letters to parishioners and businesses requesting their support, track donations/prepare deposits, work with signage chair to order/place signs, prepare bulletin annoucements acknowledging sponsors and send thank you letters to sponsors. Estimated time needed is approximately 8 hours.

T-shirt Chairperson--We will only have t-shirts available for sale this year if we can get them donated or underwritten. This person would work to try to get the donation, assist with designing shirts, oversee getting them screened and ordered, and assist with selling at pre-sales and during the fiesta. Estimated time needed depends on securing donations.

How Else Can You Help?
The more donations we receive, the more money we raise for our parish! We are looking for donations of all shapes and sizes. Sponsorship letters will be mailed to all parishioners and donations can be made in any monetary value. Please consider making a donation towards this event to help cover the many costs involved.

In addition, there are many specific underwriting opportunities. Please consider one of the following options for helping to underwrite this event:
  • T-shirts..................................................$1,000
  • Food for Food Booth.............................. $500 - $1,500 (depending on booth)
  • Paper Products/Food Booth Supplies......$1,000
  • Beer Booth............................................$1,000
  • Margarita Booth.....................................$50
  • Wine Booth...........................................$500-$1,000
  • Grand Prize Raffle-1st Place Prize.........$2,500-$3,000
  • Grand Prize Raffle-2nd Place Prize........$750 - $1,000
  • Grand Prize Raffle-3rd Place Prize........$500
  • Game Booth Prizes..............................Any amount
  • Additional sponsorships.......................Any amount

We would also welcome donations of any of the following items or services:
  • Prizes for game booths (stuffed animals, consolation prizes, etc.)Food for food booths
  • Paper products/supplies for food booths
  • Trips for Grand Prize Raffle
  • iPad for Grand Prize Raffle
  • Security services
  • Wine/margaritas/beer for Cantina
  • Snack Shack supplies, concession machine rentals, etc.
  • T-shirts and screening services
  • Posters, banners, signage services
  • Entertainment services